Monday, August 4, 2008

wedding cake #1 and a blog award!

Please forgive us for being so terrible at updating this. It is possible, even likely, that this may change for the better. There are a few things that will be updated later, like pictures of the last wedding cake and a yummy kashmiri spiced chocolate cake with orange rose chocolate buttercream (yum!)

Meghan at Sugar Shock Blog gave us this brilliant blog award. Thanks!!! Now I think we need to nominate other blogs, but it might take some time...

In the meantime, let me tell you about our first official wedding cake this summer. After the wedding cake taste test, we set out to make an authentic vegan wedding cake for a real wedding with real people. We baked our cakes, stored them in the freezer, made dozens and dozens of cups of frosting and filling, neatly frosted and refrigerated our cakes, boxed them up, and with some help transported them down to Georgetown for the wedding. I guess professionals scope out the kitchen they are going to work in. Here are some pictures!

Katrina puts the top tier on the cake

We arrived, piping bag in hand, with no knowledge that we would be working in the hottest kitchen in the city! Even though we had driven down in air conditioned style, we placed the cakes in the fridge for a few moments. Too few moments. Anxious to finish before the wedding started we stacked the cakes, piped the borders, and piped little red dots as quickly as we could.

Tom piping dots
(above photos by Deirdre Jean!)

We put the cake in the fridge hoping that, since it hadn't toppled over yet (though it had a lean that rivaled the leaning tower of pisa!) it would regain some strength in the fridge and we would carry it out and place it in such a way that made it look perfectly straight. But that was not to be. In our absence, the cake toppled over in the fridge, and we spent the entire wedding in the too hot kitchen with the stressed caterers trying to fix our baby.

And the final result:

wedding cake from hell


Vegan_Noodle said...

Well the cake still turned out beautiful!! The heat is not a good thing when it comes to buttercream....

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